How to Demolish a Building

If you have a vacant lot but there’s an existing structure in it. One of the things you can do to make use of the lot is to demolish that building.  However, the most will and exciting.  the truth is the demolition work is and labor-intensive.  Well, we never met someone who loves demolition work.  it is a project that is highly regulated by the industry.  The process is potentially dangerous. So, you need professionals of demolition services Chicago to do the job safely.  

  1.  Crane and Bowl 

One of the method of demolishing a structure or building uses a crane and a wrecking ball. This is one of the traditional techniques before implosion has been developed. The wrecking ball should be at least 13,500 pounds to successfully destroy a structure, especially if it’s a large and tall one. The process is like this, the crane operator will either swing or drop the wrecking ball on the structure. This is a popular method, however it has its limitations too.  


To do this successfully, the crane operator should be good at his job. It needs an accurate control to be able to swing the wrecking ball and not miss the structure. Chances are, the ball might hit something else. So if you prefer this method, make sure that the company you hired is really good and actually hires someone who is well-trained.  

      2. Implosion 

If you want to get rid of the existing structure in no time, you can opt for implosion. Exploding the building is now the most popular and effective way of demolishing a structure. In this process, the professionals will carry the explosives and put them on the structural support of the building. The target areas will effectively destroy the building.  


Implosion demolition is a popular method of demolition and is mostly used in urban areas. Lots with large structure likes a skyscraper building is effectively taken down by this method. Professionals should be tasked to do this because the goal is to make the structure fall straight down instead of sideways. This process needs a perfect placement of the explosives and timing too. So. The professionals need to assess the buildings first to determine the structural support. No matter how popular this demolition process, it’s still rare because it should be done by specialists.  

      3. Selective Demolition 

Since we are now environment-friendly, the professionals also look for ways where they can do demolition that won’t further harm the ecology. Selective demolition is a method that will save the materials from the structure that can still be reused and recycled. Most of these materials are wood, metals, concrete and brick. This means that the demolition should be done by hand, and it will take much time. If you’re up for it, you can choose this method.  

       4. High Reach Arm 

Another demolition technique is high reach arm. In this process, a long arm is attached to a construction equipment like an excavator. The arm will pull the chosen pieces of the structure and then the rest of the crew will break those pieces to smaller. If the structure is 20 meters tall, this is the preferred method.